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¡Por fin!: un texto relativo a la carrera y vida de RICHARD DONNER.

En nos sentimos orgullosos de este hecho y lo celebramos con un artículo breve que rinde homenaje a este MAESTRO DE LAS OPERACIONES PSICOLÓGICAS.

Luego de unas cuantas explicaciones, se comprenderá que este director de cine estadounidense merece totalmente el título que le otorgamos...

There is a second subliminal airplane in the explosion scene in LETHAL WEAPON (1987). You can see it here:
1) The entrance of the house resembles the All-Seeing-Eye.
2) MurTAUgh flashes the Sign of Silence (a reference to Harpocrates / Horus child).
3) RiGGs is smoking a long cigarrette and wearing huge glasses (representing Horus probably).
4) The kids said after the explosion: “did you see that?”, “did you see that?”
5) The boss of the cops is MurPHY. TAU = 300 (Murtaugh), GG=66 (Riggs), PHI= 1.618033988749894848204586834… the golden ratio, which begins with 1.61 and later follows 8 and so on (Murphy). Phi is supposed to be the path between energy and matter and matter and energy.
6) Martin Riggs, according to the script, shot someone under extremely difficult circunstances when he was 19. Also, his wife of 11 years was killed recently in a car accident. It is possible to read that part of the script here:
7) When Murtaugh and Riggs talk in the underground parking lot Murtaugh states that “God” hates him and Riggs answers that it would be a good idea to hate God back because this works for him.
Here there is a research project that wanted to explain that scene among others:
I) Richard Donner AND Joe Silver were the producers of LETHAL WEAPON (1987)
II) Richard Donner was part of the Navy photographic unit. He was traveling around the world with the U.S. Navy for one year.
III) Richard Donner acknowledges that he adds visual messages to his movies. Point II and III are mentioned in this long interview:
IV) Does “Shane” and “chain” sound similar? I do not know. It would be terrible if the script was written by “chain black” or “black chain”… Black Chain sounds nefarious…
V) SHANE BLACK wrote and directed “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (2005) starring Robert Downey Jr., Michelle Monagham, Val Kilmer and Corbin Bernsen. The movie was produced by JOEL SILVER. At some point of the plot, the character played by Robert Downey Jr. begins to talk about a fictional character from a novel (Johnny Gossamer) who would usually kill 16 people…
“So this evening,
was it Jonny Gossamer enough for you?
To tell you the truth, Jonny Gossamer
always has a way bigger ending.
There’s always the part
where the guy gets tortured.
Yeah, tortured, sure. Then he usually
breaks free and shoots, like, 16 guys.
Yeah, 16 guys. It’s always 16.
That’s funny.”
VI) Richard Donner directed and produced “Conspiracy Theory” ( ) starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. JOEL SILVER was a producer, too….
In the movie we can see that… bla, bla, bla.
The people in the know have a good time organizing PSYOP and making movies… I assume… :-)
[By the way, it is possible to notice that most of them are Germans, nazis, probably... :-D . If I am wrong I deeply apologize right now. Some people state that it is possible to recognize a German nazi due to the shape of his/her nose. It is a myth, for certain.] Shalom!

Oh! I forgot to write the following information about the scene of the explosion in LETHAL WEAPON (1987):
8) The street sign states:

9 – 11 AM
Well, NO is inside a red square. It is possible to read NO as
And, as we all know, in Hebrew OZ means
Auf Wiedersehen!

Title : YOU'RE THE DIRECTOR... YOU FIGURE IT OUT: THE LIFE AND FILMS OF RICHARD DONNER. Author: JAMES CHRISTIE. The cover of the book depicts the symbols of the "Cult Of Horus" in the same way that we find them in the movie LETHAL WEAPON (1987): 1) the eye / circle, 2) the triangle / phallus, 3) the glasses (eyes of Ra / Horus), 4) the pipe (sign of silence in Harpocrates / Horus child). 

Título:TÚ ERES EL DIRECTOR... ENCUENTRA LA MANERA DE HACERLO: LA VIDA Y PELÍCULAS DE RICHARD DONNER  Autor: JAMES CHRISTIELa cubierta del libro muestra los símbolos del "Culto de Horus" de la misma manera que son vistos en la película ARMA MORTAL (1987): 1) el ojo (círculo), 2) el triángulo / imagen fálica, 3) los lentes o anteojos (los ojos de Ra / Horus), 4) la pipa (que cubre la boca como el dedo de Harpocrates / Horus niño al mostrar la señal de "silencio").



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X-15: The Hollywood Version
Charles Bronson starred. The Pentagon had a few minor corrections.
Air & Space Magazine, August 01, 2007

In September 1960, producer Hank Sanicola at Essex requested access to X-15 footage. At this point, Lazzarino was in the middle of a rewrite, presumably to add the latest X-15 data. The final shooting script is dated April 7. Richard Donner (best known today for the Lethal Weapon and Superman franchises) directed. Narrator Brigadier General James Stewart introduced the film to moviegoers.

The following letter shows just how involved the Pentagon was in helping the producers do justice to the subject.

Department of the Air Force, Washington
Office of the Secretary
18 November 1958
Memorandum for Chief, Production Branch Audio-Visual Division, Office of News Services
Subject: “Exit”


1. The story outlines placing a man in orbit on a crash basis because of a desire on the part of the government to “top” the Russian Sputnik. Neither promise does credit to the government or the U.S. Air Force and the latter is no longer valid. We recommend that some other premise be established and suggest that the reason for the fast pace is a breakthrough in propellants which makes space flight possible.

2. The participating pilots appear to add very little to the program except their presence. They are tested, probed and finally given the seal of approval with almost no evidence of having contributed to the program itself. This trend is noted in the following dialogue. Scene 132, page 67: Dr. Anthony says, “I’ll have someone ready by Saturday.” Scene 134, page 67, Dr. Anthony again says, “If anything at all goes wong before the drop…I want you to abort the mission.” The pilot answers, “Right, Sir, thank you!” The total impression is that the pilot is another piece of complicated equipment that is to be modified, perfected, and then brought out to take its place at the right time with the rest of the machinery. We believe this downgrades our pilots to a great extent considering the fact that they are engineers and have worked with the factory throughout the production of the aircraft. In addition the pilot’s tests seem solely to be concerned with their physical aptitude and ability. Nothing indicates either a mental aptitude, ability, or any contribution which they had made to the project.


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Shooting script
Revised by Tom Mankiewicz
Director: Richard Donner

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Bill Koenig Reports On "THE F.B.I. VS. SPIES!" or, the Day Russell Johnson Beat Up Harrison Ford.

"The Spy Master" (first season)
Writer: Anthony Spinner/Director: Richard Donner
Plot: Red China approaches a U.S. diplomat, opposed to U.S. policy in Vietnam, to provide key intelligence data. The diplomat informs his superiors. The FBI assigns Inspector Lewis Erskine (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.), who luckily bears a strong resemblance to the diplomat, to filtrate a U.S.-based spy ring for the Chinese.

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Conspiracy Theory

In 1997, Conspiracy Theory, due to the lead roles being played by Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, introduced the movie audience to the mindset of a conspiracy theorist… who turns out to be correct.

Philip Coppens

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"I had life threats, because people accused me of approaching Brando as God and his son was Jesus. I literally had people saying my blood would run in the streets for doing that."
Richard Donner

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Conspiracy theories in American history: an encyclopedia, Volumen 1 Escrito por Peter Knight

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His Pursuers are Not Theoretical

-- Movie Review --
"Conspiracy Theory"

Directed by Richard Donner; written by Brian Helgeland; produced by Joel Silver and Richard Donner; released by Warner Brothers. Running time: 135 minutes. Cast: Mel Gibson (Jerry Fletcher), Julia Roberts (Alice Sutton), Patrick Stewart (Dr. Jonas) and Cylk Cozart (Agent Lowry). This film is rated R. It includes taking the name of the Lord in vain and violence.

by Michael A. Hoffman II Copyright©1997 All Rights Reserved

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Silver Star, part 3: Move Over, Nostradamus

"Later, Kafka is put on trial for assorted crimes against humanity. Here he defiantly reviews the charges against him, which are essentially the same charges brought against Saddam."

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