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"Those of us who work in the arts know that depiction is not endorsement." - Kathryn Bigelow, "Kathryn Bigelow addresses 'Zero Dark Thirty' torture criticism." LA Times, January 15, 2013. 

Those of us who live in reality know that Zero Dark Thirty is based on the big lie that Osama bin Laden was killed in a raid in Pakistan that was ordered by President Obama on May 1, 2011. Zero Dark Thirty crosses the line between art and totalitarian propaganda. 

Title - Hollywood Films Secretly Dictated By The CIA. YouTube Video Description - [Channel: Steve Pieczenik, Posted on YouTube: December 28, 2012]:

On this episode of STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS, Dr. Steve discusses Hollywood propaganda and how films are secretly dictated by the CIA in this eye opening exposé.


Dr. Steve Pieczenik Quotes:

"In the world of fantasy, fiction does prevail. So the right of Hollywood, and the right of Kathryn Bigelow and the Academy of Arts and Sciences, which dominates Hollywood, has the right to distort or to fantasize any point of fact or fiction. But this is fiction on steroids, this movie in particular (Zero Dark Thirty).

Why do I say that? Number one, once again the lie that Osama bin Laden was killed by the SEAL team has been propagated not only by President Obama to get him re-elected, he knew that was a lie, I knew that was a lie, the CIA that I have worked with knows it was a lie, military intelligence knows it's a lie, everybody in the intelligence community, and by now almost the whole world knows that that's an absolute lie.

Now why do I say it's a lie? Osama bin Laden was already dead. I didn't make that up. I basically knew of the man because he had a disease called Marfan syndrome. Marfan syndrome is not something that I as a physician can make up. I'm a board certified psychiatrist and neurologist. It's a disease that's genetically inherited. He had that disease. He was born of a Yemeni mother and a Saudi father. He was involved in Afghanistan, where I knew about his activities. And we knew then from his medical records that he had Marfan syndrome. And what that means in effect is that your connective tissues will disintegrate and that you have a very short lifespan. Now, that type of termination of a disease is imminent. It's not something that you can wish and prolong. It's pretty much final." [01:30 - 03: 24].        

"Hollywood of today is nothing more than the extension of the CIA, the military, and our military-industrial government, in order to propagate and propagandize us . . and to amuse us, whereas sixty years ago the very people who were in Hollywood, the liberals, were fighting that very institution of the intelligence community, the FBI, and they were considered the Hollywood Ten. I don't say that they were communists, I don't approve of communists, but they were accused of being communists.

These were famous writers like Dalton Trombo, John Houston, writers and directors. But for the most part they all stood together and they said in front of what's called the House Un-American Activities Committee that we refuse to denounce any of our comrades or any of our fellow citizens in the community of Hollywood and denounce them as either communist or non-communist. And the ten of them were subsequently arrested. 

And, in contrast to today, they stood up for a principle called the fifth amendment, the right not to be self-incriminated. They went to prison, but more importantly, many of our Hollywood filmmakers took the courageous step, unlike today where they're just the extension of the military and the CIA." [16:53 -18:26].

"Hollywood and the American citizenry had evolved from a fighting organization, for our own freedoms, into a very placid, passive, greedy organization which in the name of liberal concerns and entertainment, with greed, and there is nothing wrong with greed, decided that they would go from a fighting, strong position to one of acquiescence, accommodation, and being part of the propaganda.

So, from my point of view, if you want to see the movie with Kathryn Bigelow directing it, that's your choice. I refuse to see it, I refuse to attend the Academy Awards because I think the Oscars are nothing more than a cornucopia of self-congratulatory exercises and is really quite boring.

So it's your turn, the American citizen, to say, number one, to the CIA and the military: I don't want you funding and being funded to sell storylines about yourself when there is no need for it and we need the money for jobs, veterans, and other more important things. And secondly, to say to the Hollywood elite: we don't really want your films anymore, they're really quite boring, and if we need to see propaganda we can get it anytime on Fox News." [19:58 - 21:27]. 


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