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HOLLYWOOD'S COLD WAR. Author: TONY SHAW. Publisher: Edinburgh University Press Ltd. , 22 George Square, Edinburgh. 342 pages.

Pages 1... 3:



Thanks to declassified official documentacion, we can now paint a broad picture of the American government's propaganda strategy during the Cold War. What is clear is that this strategy was far more sophisticated and expansive than many have supposed. Successive US administrations thought that winning the hearts and minds of those at home was every bit as important as those overseas. Crucially, propaganda was also inextricably linked to many Americans' highly ideological approach towards the Cold War. Conventionally, historians have thought of propaganda as an accessory to the traditional military, economic and political components of US Cold War strategy  the 'fourth weapon' in Washington's armoury. Propaganda has, moreover, been seen largely as an adjunct to policy, there to support rather than to shape decision-making. But what if propaganda disseminated about, let us say, the 'superiority' of democratic values was more than a policy veneer? What if presidential speeches on America's 'missionary' role during the Cold War, say, indicated that American policy-makers saw the conflict as much as a spiritual and ideological contest as a military or economic battle? Furthermore, what if propaganda and ideology went hand in hand, reinforcing one another, underpinned by a psychological and cultural approach to the Cold War?"

Jorge Luis Villacorta Santamato muestra un ejemplar de "La Guerra Fría de Hollywood" del autor Tony Shaw.

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