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It is evident that DONALD TRUMP, President of the United States, is surrounded by foes inside America. These enemies, disguised a "humanitarians" preach "tolerance" and "understanding of the 'other'" spreading evident DEFEATISIM among those attending university. 

While Mr. TRUMP intends to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN", this "scholars" seem to ignore the facts that helped America become what it is. Definitely, TO COMPROMISE never has helped the U.S. The Vietnam War, a winnable war, was lost because the political battle was lost at home!

If Mr. TRUMP wants to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN", and we believe that he wants, he must pay careful attention to the political war that is in development inside the U.S. right now. His enemies have entrenched themselves in those positions that allows them to exert ideological influence, the academia among them.

One clear example of this seems to be the course Literature without Borders: Narratives from the "Countries of Concern" taught online by professor Jeffrey Middents at American University, College of Arts & Sciences (Summer 2017):

The syllabus begins by quoting from "PEN America's open letter to Mr. Trump, February 21, 2017" which is a political text that condemns one of the measures taken by Mr. TRUMP to secure the American territory:

After that, the course is introduced:

" (...). In listing seven nations, called “countries of concern” by the Department of State, whose citizens were banned from entering the United States, the government offered a blanket assessment of the potential ideologies determined by nation of origin. (...).  Such proclamations make blanket statements about “foreign nationals” and their habits, their thoughts and their lives. How can we dig beyond such overarching assumptions proffered by the news and government officials to explore other cultures, the perspectives of the “other”?"

So, what is stated is that the government officials (especially Mr. TRUMP) and the news have made "overarching assumptions"... and that the objective of the course is to become acquainted with the viewpoints of the "countries of concern." So, this course is propaganda for those "countries of concerns" that do not need to invest in ideological warfare due to the fact that the American students can be indoctrinated in American terrritory through an American university which name is "American University." Isn't "American University" an ideal name to make look trustworthy the indoctrination programs created to support the "countries of concern"? The timing of this course is fantastic! And the name of the course "Literature without Borders" suggests that America doesn't have frontiers to watch!

The syllabus continues:

"This course will resist monolithic claims about “hostile nations” and explore how to search for and interpret contemporary literature (and, where available, films) from those countries, despite the fact that we do not speak the original languages spoken in these countries."

The way the subject is faced is extremely interesting because what it is stating is that the course doesn`t accept the authority of the President and other government officials. If the couse wanted, it could study the characteristics of the contemporary literature of those "hostile nations" which would be useful in the battle of ideas. But this is not the stated goal of the course. The text clearly says that "this course will resist monolithic claims about "hostile nations"." So, the real objective is to undermine the authority of the President and government officials because "explore how to search for and interpret contemporary literature (and where available, films) from those countries"  are actions that must be develop even when we want to learn from those "hostile nations" in order to fight them better. Learning how the enemy thinks is important. Knowing how to look for that information is a basic skill of an information warrior. Thus, the skill is not  a privilege enjoyed by those who "resist monolithic claims about "hostile nations"" at all. But the text pretends that the only reason to look for information about the enemy literature and cinema is when we distrust the news and government official, especially Mr. TRUMP, and when we look to empathize with the enemy viewpoint. These two underlying assumptions make this one a subversive course. "TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" would be a bit difficult when this mind poison is poured into the consciousnesses of the American students. 

Another indicator of the tendency of the syllabus is a quote selected from a text written by the scholar Tamara Falicov:

·(...) Tamara Falicov argues that movies produced in Argentina under the aegis of Roger Corman's production companies during the 1980s negatively impacted the Argentine film industry. (...). She concludes that such coproductions support how the economic model of "dependency theory" might be applied to "how First World elits exploit poorer nations in their exhaustive search for ever cheaper sources of labor, raw materials and lax governmental regulations abroad" (36). Falicov's goal is to bring attention to the unequal relationship between otherwise ignored exploitation filmmaking designed for the U.S. home video market and the more art-oriented "national cinema" of Argentina. The article provides a good model for how to approach exploitation.

With so many books about filmmaking, the syllabus selects a text that links the American capital abroad with exploitation. While Mr. TRUMP intends to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! and strenghen the capitalist production at home, the future workforce is fertilized with thoughts of exploitation... Obviously, to choose such a text has the same subversive inspiration than the whole course.

America is at war and Mr. TRUMP must take the initiative to win. Mr. TRUMP has lots of enemies in the academic world:

History shows WHAT HAS MADE AMERICA GREAT: it is not defeatism, it is not compromising, it is not a lot of "humanists" empathizing with the the American foes.

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